The 3 Invisible Costs of Being Dumb

Tom VizziniSeminar

There is a cost to sitting on your butt.

There is a cost to not learning new things.

There is a cost to doing the same thing and getting inferior results.

Worst of all it is an invisible cost that many people never even think of.

1 Time- Most people do not understand the cost if time. Not having the right set of skills and the right strategies to get the job done uses up valuable time. Guess what? You don’t get that back. One an hour of your life is gone.. it is gone.  That means time you lose from yourself, your family and just from your quality of life.

I hear from guys working 7 days a week and bragging about it. I always think “What if they could get the same done or more in 4 days?” True success is about working less and having more LIFE not working more and just having more money. You can have both if you get the training you need to do the job. I don’t care if it is selling or working on your house. When you have the right tools the job gets done faster and better.

2 Money- The more tools you have the more money you make.

I know a guy who thinks that if he works hard and does a good job that he will automatically get more money and promotions. So far that has not worked out. If you understand that in order to succeed at any job you need to build value in yourself and then communicate that value to those who can move you ahead. This guy said… that is manipulative so I don’t want to do it. So he sits waiting as his life slips by.

3 Opportunities- Guess what? The more you know the more opportunities you get AND the more you can capitalize on the opportunities that you do find. When an opportunity does come up you want a strategy to lock it in so you can take full advantage of it.

If you miss an opportunity you just don’t know when you will get another one. So many people let them slip through their fingers because they don’t know how to get someone locked down and how to present yourself as the best choice.  At the same time how to make your competition invisible. You need the right tools to do this.

I don’t know where you are in your life or where you want to be next but I do know that you will need the right skills, tools and strategies to get there. There is a difference between getting there eventually and getting there NOW.

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