Ever feel INVISIBLE? One simple trick can make you the center of attention

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There you are in a group of people or in a meeting and no one will listen to you. You have something to say but can’t seem to get a break in the conversation or think of any way to interrupt. You are stuck. Within a few minutes the conversation will have passed the point where what you say will make any difference.

You can’t believe this is happening AGAIN. It is like you are a ghost who is able to observe but never able to speak. You might as well be invisible since you certainly feel invisible. If you just interrupt you feel like it would be rude. So there you sit….. STUCK

What if I told you there was one simple trick to getting attention anytime you want it?

OK here it is.

Method 1- When you first arrive make sure you say hello to everyone. As you are saying hello set an anchor when they say hello or acknowledge you are there. Whenever you want to speak all you have to do is fire the hello anchor. This will bring back the hello feeling. The reason this works is that in that moment that they say hello you are their entire focus… or as focused as they get 🙂 This is known as a flash anchor.

Method 2- Steal the attention anchor of the leader of the group or meeting. Notice what the person in charge does to get the attention of people. It could be a gesture. It could be a phrase. It could be a voice tone. It could be a position of rapport. When you want the attention you replicate their anchor to get attention.

Method 3- This is a bit more time consuming but… with people you see all the time you can get the one on one and elicit something they think is very important. It could be a very conversational elicitation like: “I am having a hard time deciding what is the most important thing to do right now. When you organize you day what is the most important thing to you?” Then anchor it. Use the same trigger on everyone and from then on when you want to speak what you are saying will have their full attention.

Anchoring is a tool that takes an emotion that someone is feeling or that you have elicited and connects that emotion to a trigger. That trigger can be a gesture , word, sound or even posture. Then you use that trigger when you want to have people feel that emotion during a conversation. It is 100% COVERT yet more effective that repeatedly trying to get someone into an emotional state conversationally.

You can use this to get a promotion at you job

You can use it to increase your sales

You can use it to get your kids to listen to you.

You can use it to make friends and even get a date.

If there is any ONE life skill for success that everyone should learn it is anchoring.

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