I can make you RICH! …your shortcut to success

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Why the hell were you more likely to open this article than any other I have written?

For some reason over the past few days I have seen videos from several sources making this claim. Each time it is someone making a video claiming to have the secrets to making millions of dollars… while posing in front of a wrinkled backdrop sheet or in a cheap suit in they living room or in front of a car  they obviously don’t own or a yacht they have never been on.

I was talking to an internet marketer a while back and he knows these guys to claim to make 100K a month it even a week. He said the all lie. I watch videos from people I know are broke and they are claiming to have the secret to working for yourself and making millions.

Folks it is all a scam.

Look a few weeks ago it was time to fill our upcoming London seminar. It was about 2 months out which is the sweet spot for getting people signed up. I ran a promotion and filled the seminar in about a week. 30 people at about 1000 dollars a piece. I could say ” I can teach you to make 30K a week!” It would be a lie. I spent months promoting the seminar. I have expenses for flights hotel and the seminar room. I also have all kind of other costs.

The Clearwater Beach seminar is coming up and I have been marketing that since February. It is not a get rich quick business. We have been creating this stuff since 1998. We both worked 2 jobs and worked at night to get this going. Over 15 years of practice and creativity are put into every seminar. Nothing quick about that 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. With the seminar about sold out we are going to do pretty well on it considering we are also spending 3 weeks touring Europe while we are there. It is not bad money!

Let me be blunt here. Success of any kind takes hard work and SKILL! Of those who used what they learned from Anchoring Mastery seminar last year most have had a least s 30% rise in income. Just yesterday a guy wrote me about how he used it to save $630 in a hotel upgrade in Maui.

What does success take?

Constant  daily practice

Continuous training and application of what you are learned

A group of people who share your goals and vision

The real problem is that most people don’t want to take the time and make the effort. They will spend decades chasing some BS get rich quick scheme. Some jump from one to the other in an endless hope that the next one will make them effortless money.

In other words… they are lazy. They make easy prey. They are always broke. They will always tell you how successful they are. They will never succeed. They think focusing on their DREAM will make it true.

I understand that hard work is an marketing dirty word but that is what it takes. Even the stuff we teach takes effort. You have to get to a seminar. You have to do what you are told. You have to practice when you get home. You have to FAIL a lot. You have to practice daily.

It is not magic folks. It is skill. When you have it the world opens up one opportunity after another.

Get the skill… have the life.

Believe the BS marketing and chase it forever.

Which one are you?