How to 100% guarantee you will get ignored


Your brain is a prediction machine. 

Keep that in mind because it is important. Your brain is always looking for patterns. It is the way we evolved to avoid danger. Your brain pays attention whenever something does NOT fit the pattern. When something does not fit a pattern it is novel and the brain loves novelty. It is like a giant flag waving that means this thing needs your full attention.

If you want to be memorable you need to break the pattern that people expect when they meet you.

Here is how NOT to do it:

1 Say the same thing that everyone says. It is like meeting someone attractive and you comment on is how attractive they are.  They have heard it all before and now you are lumped in with everyone else who has said that. The worst thing is when you get a sales call and they say, “Hi I am X from Y company, how are you today?”  You think… sales call and hang up.

2 Look like everyone else.  I realize that some people need to stay within the boundaries but push the edge as far as you can. When you look like everyone else you blend into the background. Most people are afraid they might chase people away but let me tell you this… you will attract way more that you chase away.

3 Offer the same thing everyone sales offers. If what you have to offer is just like whatever everyone else has to offer then you are going to get lost in a sea of nothingness. “Want to go out for coffee?” BLAH! “Want to get on a discovery call?” BLAH! “Want to save money?” BLAH!

What to do instead:

1 Be daring! Dare to ask the questions that other people are afraid to ask. “What do you really want and why have you been settling for less?”

2 Break the mold. If they expect you to sound like a sales person then sound like anything else.

3 Impress people with action, not statistics and promises.  Do the one thing no one else does. Send a small gift. Drop off donuts. Give free advice they can use even without you.

4 Feel free to disagree. Don’t just sit there and agree with everything someone says. It is boring. You are hoping they will like you but in reality, they won’t even remember you.

We covered all of this in our Gold Members seminar: I Would Rather be Offensive than Invisible