Can You Give Me A Discount?

Tom VizziniSeminar

Will you give me a discount?

The 6 words that seem to paralyze anyone who is trying to sell anything. It is even harder for someone who is just starting out in business. They are more desperate to get things moving.

Worst of all

They tell themselves BS stories about how it is a GREAT idea to give a discount.

– It will get them money now.

– More people will tell all their friends.

– They will make up up on volume.

What is the real truth?

Let me say this. Almost every time I have given someone a discount they have become a huge pain in the ass.

-They eat up more time than other customers

-They have more complaints

-The only customers you get from them are other cheap ass whiners.

-BTW… they will never pay full price for anything again.

What is the answer?

Just say no.

I would rather lose the sale than get a discount buyer who is a pain in my ass.

Look folks our seminars are not cheap and… they are going up. We used to do them when we first started out for 395 dollars for 3 days. When we start them again they will be 1500 or more for 2 days.


We have a unique set of skills that few, if any, have. We get results and few, if any, can claim. We also will kick your ass to get you the results you want. Just ask our coaching clients.

Even then there are a few times I will give a discount. For instance if you bring in 5 friends you get a group discount to a seminar… If you pay for a year of coaching up front you get a discount. If you pay for a year of the Gold Members area you get a discount.

The difference is I definately get something to justify that discount. The rule I have is this… If you make my life easier then you get a discount. If you can’t do that then don’t ask πŸ™‚

So how do you handle a discount buyer?

Number one. I am not afraid to lose the sale… since I know they are going to be a pain in the ass anyway πŸ™‚

Number two. I sell on value not price. “Hey you know what you want to learn and you know how that will change your life.( Empty Bucket Elicitation for those who have been to our seminars) You have to decide if saving a few bucks is worth not learning it”. Yes I know that sounds arrogant but the truth is the truth.

Number three. I suggest that if they don’t have the money that they save up before buying. Yes I know that sounds crazy but it works. I don’t act like a jerk when I say it. I really am being sincere. For me, I don’t want cash strapped clients who put too much stress on themselves… and me.

Number four. I take price out of the equation. I talked about this yesterday to a coaching client. He uses our Objection Destroyer to take price out of the conversation “Let’s forget about price for a second, What is it that you really want?” Focus on that. Once you have that sold, the price does not matter.