This is a action based seminar. That means you will not be sitting in your seat listening to endless lectures about theories and research. You will be interacting and perfecting your real world skills.

Drills. We do on average of 3 drills and hour. That means on an average days you will be out of your chair learning through doing at least 10-15 times. This is highly interactive and requires that you stay focused.

Structure of the seminar. Once we get moving it is pretty simple. We will explain the skill we are about to teach and how it applies to you. Then we will demonstrate the skill so you can see what you need to be looking for. Then you will break into small groups and practice the skill you have just seen. 

The faster we get  back together the more things we can teach… We will NOT run out of stuff to teach you 🙂

Here is a general breakdown of the seminar itinerary that most likely we will stay close to but don’t hold us to it 🙂

Day 1

Basics of anchoring

Focus on where you will be using anchoring. Business, social, sales, and family

The basics of elicitation

Reading people’s state shift

Facial expressions and body language distance and movement

Special Skills:



Understanding the proper position for using the elicitation that you want to use

Using rapport in combination with an elicitation

Using an elicitation from each of the different positions in the context that fits the attendees specific goal

Outcomes of anchoring

Anchoring for relationship or connection point

Anchoring your position on subordinate equal dominant

Anchoring people to move in the right direction

Anchoring to change their mind.

Different situations where you use anchoring social, sales, business, 

Anchoring groups of people

Anchoring face-to-face

Special Skills:

Introduction Anchors

Exit Anchoring

Stealing Anchors they already have

Day 2

Designing your own personal anchors to fit the situation that you’re going to be using anchoring in

Fine tuning your personal elicitation’s

What is the context?

What is the leverage?

What is the target state?

What is the outcome?

Reading people

How to notice their state and knowing the string of steps they need to shift to your target state

Your natural anchors

Anchoring over the telephone

Anchors of opportunity

Empty Bucket Elicitations

Special Skills:

Objection DestroyerCreating doubt to change their mind
Attaching Anchors to objects
Anchoring with props

Day 3

Deepening the connected states

Amplifying with your state shifts

Overcoming reactance, skepticism and inertia

Self anchoring for strategic first aid.

Special Skills
3 Step Sales Strategy
Instant Trust
Presentation skills