Scott $560,000 – IN ONE MINUTE

Today I went to the state asking for money for training programs for the company I train at. This meeting is a big deal and in front of a board of supervisors. I was asking for $560,000 so by no means a small amount of money. The average person  group spoke for a few minutes and had a reduction in the contract amount.

I used anchoring and got a yes in less than 60 seconds without a reduction or a single question asked of me. Got approved for a little over half a million.

Zero resistance
Used anchoring and won.

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Here is a simple explanation what anchoring is and why you should use it.  You want someone to do X. You take feeling Y and stick it on thing X and it makes thing X an attractive idea. 

Why doesn’t everyone do this? The answer is simple. Most people believe that if you pile up enough information high enough that it will overcome any objection. That sounds like a great idea other than this. Most people use rational information to justify a decision they already made emotionally.

People have emotions all the time and most of them are not sticky.  The trick with anchoring is getting someone into a state and then making that state sticky. Once you have done that you can stick it on any idea you want to attach it to.

So you want to get a job, ask for a raise, ask for a date or any other idea…

The first question you ask yourself is what feeling do they need to have in order to accept my idea? If it is a job maybe value or asset or trust would be good anchors. If it is a date it might be connection, comfort or security. For a raise it might be need, trust, scarcity. If you want to sell them something it could be even a different set of emotions. The trick is noticing what that individual persona needs to feel.

Second you elicit the state in a way that makes the state accelerate so it stands out from all the other states they normally occupy. That is what makes the state sticky. Their brain enters what is referred to as a plastic condition where it rapidly learns and associates.

Third you create a trigger that the state can stick to by using a motion, object, idea, or task

The fourth skill is actually using the anchor. To do this think of anchors and exclamation points at the end of a sentence.  You have to add an action to the anchor that give the people a direction to go into. You can’t just fire an anchor when you walk up and expect people to apply the feeling where you want.


In the one week following our 2015 Anchoring Masters Seminar our students closed 1 million dollars in business that they directly credited using the anchoring skills

Stop and read that again because it is important

Imagine being able to get the job you want. Imagine being able to get the raise you deserve.

Imagine being able to sell more than anybody else out there in your field.

Imagine being able to manage people in a way that developed loyalty, trust and dependability.

Imagine being treated BETTER than anyone else because you make people feel  special

Imagine being able to negotiate to get the best price for anything you want to buy AND the highest price for anything you sell.

Imagine being treated BETTER than anyone else because you make people feel  special


What Will You Learn?

How to get people to feel the EXACT thing they need to feel in order to get the result you desire
Anchoring groups of people
Anchoring face-to-face
Anchoring over the telephone
Anchors of opportunity
Anchoring in writing
These are positions which maintain a connection of someone you would listen to. Someone you would let you help make decisions. Someone you trust. While anchoring you are trying to move someone in a direction.
Reactance is resistance against the persuasion process itself.

Skepticism is resistance directed against the offer or proposal

Inertia is the reluctance to change. It is an attachment to the status quo.

Each situation needs a specific strategy to succeed. Social, Business and even Family

The Objection Destroyer
The Best Friend Connection
Listing and Matching Values refocusing

The problem most people have is this. When they try to convince somebody of something they think that if they give them enough reasons, then they are being convincing. They think if they get someone excited enough it is compelling. They think if they’re pushy enough they can wear someone down. Those methods take too much effort and only have a momentary effect.

Professional salespeople, managers, business owners, and even anyone trying to make plans with friends face this problem. The bottom line is that it just makes life hard. Do you ever think you have everybody listening and following directions only to find out that as soon as you’re not there it all falls apart?

Then you have to convince them all over again!

This one skill fixes that problem…. forever